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Coin Box 9900x

The  Coin Box 9900x is available for institutions looking for an optional and efficient way to recharge patron accounts using coins or bills as well as providing optional configuration for running your solution without a financial database.

Top Functionality:

 “Cash-Account” or “Change-Return” or “User-Decides” after every transaction functionality may be set up by administrators to facilitate the best configuration for your environment, using Coins and Bills in addition to the PaperCut MF Print Release Module compliments these units, two valuable systems that permit users to navigate pending print jobs in queue, as well as, a convenient method for payment, providing a patron’s self-service environment requiring no additional onsite staff supervision accepting such coin and currency combinations as (5¢-10¢-25¢ and $1-$5-$10-$20 Bills).

The Coin Box 9900x is equipped with a stand for self floor support for patron convenience and secure support, making the Coin Box integration the most robust and user friendly solution for your Print Management System when handling cash via a PRS.

 The Coin Box 9900x  includes:

  • 1 T-Lock with 2 keys
  • 1 Coin Mech (Nickels, Dimes and Quarters (Optional: 5 coin tubes w/ $1 change)
  • 1 Bill Acceptor capable of accepting $1, $5 (Optional: $10 and $20 bill acceptance)
  • 1 Electronic display 4 lines X 16
  • 1 Serial board w/ serial cable RS-232 for Station Computer Interface or USB interface.
  • 1 Power supply 24vac (60Hz)
  • 1 Coin Box Pedestal base for independent support.

Common Locations:

  • College and University Computer Courtyards


Model Coin Box 9900x
Coin Box Dimensions:
Height: 28 ”
Width: 12 ”
Depth: 6 ”
Weight: 38 lbs
Pedestal/Base Dimensions: Height: 5 ” Width: 12 ” Depth: 14 ” Weight: 10 lbs
Network Connectivity TCP port:
COM port RS232/USB Yes
Electronic Display:
4 lines X 16
Bill Acceptor (500 and 1000 bill stacker):
Bill Acceptor $1, $5 MDV Interface ($10 and $20 optional)
Coin Mesh:
CoinCo 3 tubes (Optional MEI 5 tubes)
Vend price scale:
1¢ to $9.99
Power Supply:
UL/CSA certified power pack 24vac , 1.5amp
Back-UPS AC Output (Surge):
120 VAC, 60 Hz, 4.2 A, 500 W (20 min)