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CPad terminals are touchscreen modules with an integrated PaperCut interface that plug into the desired MFD via an access port. CPad terminals are a hardware neutral solution and can turn almost any copier into a PaperCut tracked and controlled machine. CPad is a new hardware terminal thats been developed in partnership with PaperCut. It aims to bring the touchscreen funtionality seen on embedded solution to a vendor independant hardware offering.

Top Functionality:

CPad terminals integrates with the PaperCutMF Application to control document output from Laser Printers, Copiers and MFD Equipment in office, Academic Institutions, and Public Library Environments.

Provides an access control and identification by MIFARE card (optional). Users log-in using their account credentials against the PaperCutMF Central Data Base. This enables the copier, print or MFD and charges the job to the user’s PaperCutMF Account.


  • Easy network connectivity with an inbuilt dual Ethernet hub
  • Static IP, DHCP, DNS Server compliant


  • 7 inches touch screen ; resolution 800 x 480, 16 millions colors
  • Generic interface compatible with most printers and MFP of the market
  • Compatible with 99% of the brands and models of network printers and MFPs
  • RFID Compatible via the optional reader TCM2
  • Dual USB ports for connecting authentication card readers
  • 1 RS232 Port
  • 2 RJ11 Port


  • The screen, during pause or printing, can broadcast messages to internal communications or advertising


  • The cPad manages copies and prints on a single interface
  • The intuitive user interface allows a quick start on first use, it displays the user's credit before and after
  • Touch screen display enables easy access to print jobs and a better user interface.
  • Control account and device access using Active Directory groups
  • Rapid identification using his RFID badge reader and ergonomic keyboard
  • Users with shared account access can select from a list or search by keyword.
  • A friendly selection of documents to print
  • View jobs pending release with full document information.
  • The user can select one or more documents on the queue list of impressions, launch them in print, delete or to print and save.
  • The selection of a project code in a list is easy and friendly too election
  • The interface can be presented to the logos and colors of your structure