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Elatec Bracket Holder Mounting Kit

The Bracket Holder Mounting Kit is a construction set to fix Elatec´s TWN Encoders on a flat surface.


Top Functionality:

Available in white and black colour, it consists of one ground plate and two brackets with screws and an doubles sided strong adhesive Pad. It can be assembled for left or for right side mounting. For optional additional screwing an extra hole located on the base plate.

Common Locations:

  • College and University Computer Courtyards
  • Media Centers and Public Libraries
  • Student Copy - Print Centers
  • Institutions with ID card for other purpose


Bracket Holder Mounting Kit
Height: 5.1”
Width: 0.17”
Depth: 0.7”
Weight:  91g
Material ABS RAL9002 color white, RAL9005 color black
Bracket Holder Mounting Kit: 1x groud plate, 2x brackets, 4x screws, 1x double sided adhesive Pad