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Account & Card Loaders

Account Loaders are a key component to support print and copy account systems.  The Model 7880 Account loader supports deposits and can allow users to purchase cards.

Top Functionality:

Due to the minimal operator assistance required, the account loader is ideal for use in busy locations to enhance the customers experience by supporting a self-service environment.  The unit is equipped with a 7.5” touch screen panel, which guides the user to complete the transaction.

Account & Card Loader, Model 7880

Account and Card Loader is used to add value to user accounts over a network via TCP/IP. It can be configured to accept any combination of coins, bills, or credit/debit cards to add value to a user’s account or dispense new cards.

The Loader can be configured to accept various card types such as; ABA magnetic stripe, Mifare contactless, prox, or barcode for account authentication. Optional accessories include supporting credit cards for purchases, card dispenser, receipt printer, high security lock, and a pedestal base.

Credit/debit card acceptance is achieved using an integrated system based on cellular technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Add Value to Account
  • Card Dispense Option
  • Credit/Debit Card Option
  • Coin Acceptor Option
  • Account-to-Account Transfer
  • Receipt Printer Option
  • PaperCut Certified
  • Bonusing
  • Report Capabilities and Printing


  • Distributes cards.
  • Easy to install.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • Accounts for all funds deposited.


  • University & College Campuses
  • Public and Academic Libraries
  • Copy and Print Centers
  • Business Centers


  • Optional stands
  • Card Dispense Option
  • Credit/Debit Card Option
  • Coin Acceptor Option
  • Receipt Printer Option


  • 24/7 Cashier
  • Does not require an operator
  • Accepts worldwide currency, notes and coins, credit/debit card
  • Cash flow is streamlined
  • Dispense card for visitors
  • Accounting of cash in system is made easy
  • Prints receipts of transactions
  • Display Marketing messages
  • Options include a base, high secure lock and alarm
  • Multitude of configurations available with card and currency options


Height: 24”
Width: 19”
Depth: 8”
Weight: 52 lbs
Network Connectivity:
TCP/IP via Ethernet Port (Station Computer)
7.5" Color LCD Touch Screen 800 x 480 Pixel
Input; 110-240VAC, 50-60 Hz Output; 5VDC, 0.3A
Card Accepted:
ABA Mag Stripe | Barcode | Prox | iClass | MiFare  
Currency Accepted):
Worldwide Notes, Coins
Height: 25”
Width: 24 ”
Depth: 10.5 ”
Weight: 22 lbs